Smart Contracts and Crypto Currencies

We have seen that Smart Contracts are simply a way to execute program code distributed over a network. This achieves the data integrity guaranteed by the respective blockchain platform. But how does this fit in with the hype in the IoT area (e.g. the automatic cold chain monitoring with fines mentioned in the introduction)? In Read More

Bitcoin (BTC) – Price analysis – Breathing in a sideways trend

After testing the 8,000 euro mark, the price moved in a sideways trend. A slight uptrend or a triangle pattern was passed, but this uptrend was broken in the night of April 30th. The price could rebound at the support described by the plateau from April 20 to 23 and is currently struggling with the Read More

Solidity: How to program Smart Contracts?

Since Vitalik Buterin developed Ethereum, smart contracts have become an integral part of the blockchain ecosystem. But what is behind these “smart contracts”? In five parts, Ingo Rammer explores the implications of the technology for us. Today: Why is a Smart Contract secure? Why exactly is the whole thing safe? So far, so good. But Read More