Lamoureux crypto trader predicts a Bitcoin price of $25,000

The macroeconomists at Lamoureux & Co are convinced that Bitcoin will be worth $25,000 and more in the long run. Thanks to the incidents we reported elsewhere regarding the Bitcoin stock markets in China, the price fell by almost ten percent, that is, by 100 dollars. At the moment, however, the share price seems to Read More

IOTA and eCl@ss plan global industry standardization 4.0

The IOTA Foundation will work with eCL@ss e.V. in the future. eCl@ss is the only cross-industry ISO/IEC-compliant industry standard that is used worldwide. IOTA is intended to help eCl@ss transfer standardized eCl@ss data securely and reliably They found each other: IOTA and eCl@ss announced their cooperation on 5 December. Since both IOTA and eCl@ss focus Read More